Marketing For Seller

Have the knowledge to sell your own properties but can’t get buyers?

Newspaper advertisements are expensive and not productive?

Try out this Seller Online advertising service.

For $988, we will list your unit on all major online portals.
Property Guru, SRX,, Carousell.

We will do a daily refresh to promote your unit.

Any buyer that enquire on your unit; we will pass their contact to you.

Free 360 virtual tour and a website link worth $138


Question: There are already agents advertising free for me…
Answer: For agents that are marketing for you now, if the potential buyer doesn’t pay commission and you don’t pay commission, it doesn’t make sense to bring the buyer to you. Agree?

Question: can I pay only after my unit is sold?
Answer: No. for this service, its similar to the newspaper, we will get paid regardless if your unit is sold or not.

Question: What if you don’t pass the leads to me?
Answer: You can always ask your friend to call / SMS me and see if their contacts are passed to you.

Question: If I sold in 1 week, is there a refund?
Answer: There is no refund.

Question: Should I ask the other agents to stop marketing my unit?
Answer: it is advisable to ask them to stop so that all leads can only contact us.

Question: What happens if I can’t sell in one month?
Answer: You can extend for another month at $588/month.

Question: Will you remove all online advertisement after one month?
Answer: We might keep your listing online but there will not be daily refresh.

Question: What if I need assistance on documentation?
Answer: We do Seller Documentation Service for a flat fee of $588. After you have found your HDB buyer, we will take care of your Option to Purchase (OTP), Resale Application, HDB Completion Appointment to handover.