Asset Progression Planning

What is asset progression?

In short, it is to upgrade your asset (property) comfortably

Let me start with some examples:

Mr. and Mrs. Tan,

A retired couple, own a fully paid HDB worth 650,000. After selling their HDB, they can own a 1-bed condo. Everyone feels it’s possible, everyone knows how.

How about each own one condo? Total value over 1.3 million? Retired with no income? It is possible?

Mr. Teo and Miss Yukina

A married couple, A Singaporean and a Japanese, each own a property without paying high ABSD of 20%. It is possible?

Chan Family with 4 children and a helper.

Stayed in a spacious HDB with 4 rooms, near to schools and MRT. Yet, their property is appreciating. It is possible?

With Asset Progression Strategies, it is possible.

Asset Progression Planning involved meticulous financial planning,

Funding technique and empowering you with the right knowledge.

Asset Progression planning is a very personalised detail planning, so some methods are applicable to others but might not be applicable for another.

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